Water Service Line Information

As a requirement of the Michigan Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Drinking Water Department, the City of Port Huron mailed all water customers a standardized letter to notify them the material of their water service line is unknown to the City of Port Huron.  The water service line is the privately owned pipe that connects the City owned water main to the residence/building.  This service line has been the responsibility of the property owner and the City of Port Huron does not have complete records of the material, nor the material of any building’s interior plumbing.  

The State of Michigan has recently mandated the City to not only send the notification, but to begin inventorying the privately owned water service lines within the City of Port Huron over a five year period.  During the inventory process, if a lead service line is found, the property owner will be notified and educated on how to reduce their exposure and a plan made to replace the water service line.  

The drinking water supply and City owned water mains are of sound material and DO NOT contain lead levels above the action level threshold.  The City of Port Huron’s annual drinking water report has been and remains in compliance with the action lead level. This year’s report can be found here. Please visit https://www.michigan.gov/egle/0,9429,7-135-3313_3675_76638---,00.html for more information regarding lead and drinking water.

A copy of the City's service line material notification letter can be found here.  Tips to reduce potential exposure can be found here.