Utility Services / Streets

The Utility Service System, Street Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Pool and Traffic sections are under the supervision of the DPW Superintendent.
Shawn N. Eagle 
DPW Superintendent
1808 Bancroft Street
Port Huron, MI 48060

Utility Service System
The Utility Service System (USS) has three main functions which include the water distribution system. water metering and wastewater collection.
The water distribution responsibilities include the maintenance of 1,460 fire hydrants, the installation of new water services, tapping the system for large scale commercial or industrial use, and the maintenance and operation of several thousand water valves.
The water metering operations include the periodic collection of meter reading data for over 11,000 water meters. It also includes the installation and repair of water meters, water shut-off and turn-on functions, and responding to customer complaints. 
The wastewater collection responsibilities include the operation and maintenance of approximately 240 miles of sewers (sanitary, storm, and combined), the installation on new manholes and catch basins, and response to citizen complaints such as sewer backups and flooded streets.