Building Inspection

Submit all applications or documents by dropping them off in person during normal business hours or via email to or by mailing in your documents to 100 McMorran Blvd, Port Huron, MI  48060 Attention:  Building Department.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 810-984-9733, fax 810-984-5384.

Payment can be made to “City of Port Huron” via check or money order and sent via US Postal Service or by using the website here:

Required applications are available in the Forms and Documents section.

Building Permits Required for:

With Plans, Plot Plan & Mortgage Survey
New Buildings
New Homes
Sun Rooms
Commercial Additions
Residential Additions
Residential Decks
Porches – Front & Rear
Sheds (over 120 sq. ft.) (falls under a building permit)
Sheds (under 120 sq. ft.) (Zoning - still requires a permit but falls under a zoning permit rather than a building permit)
Interior Alterations
Exterior Alterations
Kitchen remodel when set ups are re-arranged
Basement Finishes

With Mortgage Survey / Plot Plan
Concrete Patios (Zoning Permit)
Driveways (Zoning Permit)
Fences (Zoning Permit)
Sidewalks (Zoning Permit and / Right of Way of Right)
Approaches (Right of Way Permit)
Curb Cuts (Right of Way Permit)
Hot Tubs (Zoning Permit)
Pools – over 24” deep (Including portable & storable pools; requires building & electrical permits)

With Out Plans
Roofs – house and/or garage
Doors (new & replaced)

Separate permits for electrical, plumbing, & mechanical (Most common but not all):
Plumbing Alterations
Sump Pumps
Air Conditioners
Gas Piping
Hot Water Tanks
Electrical Reconnects
Smoke Detectors
Electrical Alterations  

Permits are not required for:
Kitchen Cabinets (replacing same set up)
Moveable partitions 
(If you expose the sub-floor, you will need a permit)
(If you expose the studs in a wall, you will need a permit)

Not Allowed:
Moving Trailers / Pods/Storage Containers
Cannot live in a RV/Trailer in the City of Port Huron

What if I don’t get a building permit?

If your area requires a building permit and you go ahead without one, these are some possible issues you could face down the road:

  • Unforeseen safety concerns, especially if you are building it yourself and are not familiar with the process.
  • Legal issues including fines and sanctions, and the possibility of having to tear down your structure and start from scratch.
  • Neighbors who may notice that you are installing new structures and could notify the city, leading to a visit from a local inspector.
  • Building permit issues if you decide to sell your property (rare, but not unheard of).