Fire Department

The ISO rating for the City of Port Huron is a Class Three (3)

Mission Statement

Value Statements

  • Positive Attitudes: We encourage a Positive Attitude toward this City and this Department. We encourage every department member to make "our" successes "their" successes.
  • Professionalism: We encourage pride in our department, pride in the quality of our work. Our conduct, both on and off duty, is a reflection of our Professional commitment.
  • Service Orientation: We encourage a commitment to Service. Our performance must ultimately be judged by the satisfaction of those we serve. We recognize a service responsibility to other divisions within our department, to other City departments, and to every element of our business and neighborhood community.
  • Teamwork: We encourage Teamwork; none of us is as effective alone as we are with the cooperative help of others. We encourage all shifts and divisions to work together as equal partners.
  • Equal Opportunity: The Port Huron Fire Department strongly supports and promotes participation by all individuals at all levels of the organization.
  • Innovation: We encourage the challenge of new ideas and technology; just as the environment we work in changes, so must we. We encourage resourceful, self-motivation.
  • Performance: We are committed to personal and professional development. We encourage training, education, and skill development on an on-going basis. The Port Huron Fire Department is committed to a comprehensive safety program that recognizes the inherent hazards of our profession. We are committed to policies that encourage the mental and physical health of our workforce.

Fire Department Administration
The administrative staff consists of the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and Div. Chief of Training. The administrative staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fire department as well as scheduling fire prevention inspections, public education programs, following up on citizen complaints, and record keeping. The Fire Chief is required to assure that all federal, state and local laws are complied with.


Fire Chief Corey Nicholson

Fire Employment
Parties interested in becoming fire fighters with the Port Huron Fire Department must have completed a minimum of Fire Fighter II training as certified by the MFFTC.  Certificates of training verifying successful completion of:

  • HazMat Operations
  • EMT (must be current)

Applications are only accepted when vacancies exist and must be turned in to the Human Resources Department. When a vacancy exists, an ad will be placed in The Times Herald classifieds as well as on the City web site. Applications must be accompanied by a resume and copies of completed educational requirements.

Fire Prevention
The Port Huron Fire Department utilizes the current edition of the International Fire Code as adopted, referenced NFPA Standards and the City of Port Huron Code of Ordinances for code enforcement. The Fire Division utilizes one full time N.F.P.A. certified Fire Marshal and suppression personnel to conduct fire inspections in accordance with the Division's inspection schedule.  Questions regarding fire code or to schedule a commercial inspection can be sent to or by calling 810-984-9757.

For a copy of the Firefighter Right to Know Survey, please click here.  This survey can be completed and emailed to the department.  Please see the letter for more details.

Public Education/tours
Public education engagements and/or tours may be scheduled by emailing Captain Kurt McFarlane.