The Parking Division is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of parking meters located on city streets and in city parking lots. The collection of parking meter fees and the continued maintenance of parking lots is also a direct responsibility of this division. 

To report a meter that is not operating properly, call 810-984-9727. Have the meter number ready if possible. 

Questions concerning parking related tickets should be directed to the police department 810-984-9715

On October 27, 2008 the Port Huron City Council adopted a policy changing the parking enforcement regulations in the Central Business District. The new policy is designed to define two separate parking zones. The Shopping/Dining Zone will offer free parking (excluding the North and South McMorran lots). The Government Zone will continue to have parking meters and parking permit lots. The Government Zone is defined as follows:

South of the Black River 
South side of Water Street south to Court Street 
East side of 7th Street to the east side of 6th Street 

North of the Black River 
South side of Glenwood south to the north side of Quay Street 
West side of Fort Street east to the St. Clair River



Parking meters downtown are different colors because they offer different amounts of parking time. When parking, please remember:

Blue Green Silver Bronze
Up to Up to Up to Up to
1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 10 hours

There is plenty of free parking downtown. Huron Avenue from Quay Street to McMorran Boulevard and the first block of Grand River, both east and west of Huron Avenue, all offer one-hour free parking while visiting downtown businesses. Tokens are also available from participating merchants.

Annual parking permits are available for sale through the Treasurer’s Office for the Pine Street lot (600 block of Pine Street). Permits go on sale on or about December 15th. Permits are $15 month/$180 for the year. The permit must be hung facing outward from the rearview mirror in order to be honored. Parking permits are valid ONLY IN THE 10 HOUR METER ZONES OF THE LOT FOR WHICH THE PERMIT IS ASSIGNED TO.

No annual permits are sold for street meters.

Street meters can be leased to businesses only on a temporary basis when work is being performed in a building nearby and the commercial vehicle needs to be close to the particular business because of equipment and materials needed for the job. Street meters are not leased to individuals for personal use. Only commercially licensed and marked vehicles can utilize leased street meters. Arrangements to lease meters are made through the Parking Office, 810-984-9751. Rates are $3.00 a day per meter, Monday through Friday.

Whenever a business wishes to place a dumpster outside their business at either a parking meter/space or in a parking lot, they must first acquire a permit from the Right-Of-Way Inspector (810-984-9733) for the dumpster. This permit must be presented at the Parking Office in order to lease a meter/spaces. The permit should indicate how many meters/spaces will be required and for how long. Rates are $3.00 a day per meter, Monday through Friday.