The Marina Division has overall responsibility for City owned marina facilities. Desmond Marine operates the marinas under agreement with the City. 810-982-3990. City owned Marina facilities are located at:
Name Location Phone # Slips


Marina Map

Quay Street Docks 110 Quay Street 810-984-9746 15
River Street Marina 525 River Street 810-984-9746 95
Fort Street Docks 329 Quay Street 810-984-9746 20
Southside Docks 615 Water Street 810-982-9746 16

Hours of operation between May 1st and October 15th  are:
River Street Marina Sunday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
 Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Marina Division also plays an important role during the Mackinac Sailboat Race held each July. Temporary mooring facilities must be created for race participants and services maintained for seasonal guests. More than 200 additional watercraft vehicles are accommodated during this week-long event.

July 10 thru July 16, 2016 - No Reservations at River Street Marina

The City has 4 docking facilities with a total capacity of 146 slips.

Boat Ramps:  The City of Port Huron also operates and maintains two boat launch locations; one at 12th Street and the other on Riverside Drive.  A seasonal permit or a daily launch fee receipt is required for the use of these facilities from May 1 through October 31.  Launch fees are in accordance with the MDNR Waterways Commission.  The daily launch fee is $6.00 and instructions for payment are posted at each site.  Seasonal permits are available through the Treasurer’s Office, Anderson Pro Bait, 2731 Pine Grove Avenue (810-984-3232) and Jay's Marine Hardware, 207 Water Street (810-887-5555). They cost $24.00 and may be used for both launch sites.  Proceeds from permit sales are used exclusively for maintenance and improvements to the boat launches. Trailered vehicles without a daily launch fee receipt or seasonal permit will be subject to civil infraction tickets in the amount of $50.00.

The boat ramps and docks are installed in early spring when the fishing season begins.  Boat ramps go in by the first of April.  Docks are in by the first of May.   Ramps and docks stay in, weather permitting, until approximately mid-November. 

River Street Marina
River Street Marina is located on River St. at the end of Stone St, with 95 slips. Dockside facilities are Electricity, Water, Ice, Restrooms, and Showers.

Seasonal Dockage

Boat Size (ft)  Seasonal Rate
32' $2,130
40' $3,200
60' $5,160

Transient docks. Central Reservation System rates apply. Reservations may be made up to six (6) months in advance by calling 800-44-parks (800-447-2757).

Slips Length (ft) Daily Price
32 30 $37.00
26 40 $53.00
7 60 $82.00

Fort Street Marina
Fort Street Marina is located on Quay St. just East of Huron Ave, with 20 slips. Dockside facilities are Electricity and Water, All River Street Dock Facilities.

Boat Size (ft)  
48 No Vacancies

Southside Marina
Southside Marina is located on Quay St. immediately west of Huron Ave, with 16 slips. Dockside facilities are Electricity, Water, All River Street Dock Facilities.

Boat Size (ft) Season Price*
30 $2,130.00

Quay Street Dock
Quay Street Dock is located on Quay St. just West of Huron Ave, with room for 15 parallel docking boats. No Electricity and Transient only.

Boat Size (ft) Daily Price*
Parallel Docking $20.00


  • Gas -- Diesel -- Pump-out  service is available at River Street Dock.
  • VHF Marine Radio WRD 788 Channels 9  "I.D. Port Huron Harbormaster"

*Rates subject to change without notice.
For reservations, please call  800-44-parks, or 800-447-2757
Marina Office 810-982-3990 - All Year.