December 30, 2013 is the last day to register rental units within the R-Single Family Residential Districts. Unregistered and occupied rental units are subject to municipal civil infractions and will not be allowed.

Municipal civil infractions for an unregistered rental unit are $250.00 per week and a separate infraction for having an uncertified rental unit is an additional $250.00 per week.

Neighborhood petitions to create a Rental Overlay District (RO-1) that would place a cap on rental properties within an R-1 Single and Two Family Residential District will be available from the City’s Planning Department (3rd Floor of the M.O.C. Building) after January 6, 2014. 

Steps to Create a Rental Overlay District

Current Zoning Maps

Graphic of a certified home

To ensure its residents have access to quality housing opportunities, the City of Port Huron operates a Rental Certification Program. For further information, please click here to download:

If you have any questions regarding this program, or to obtain copies of the above documents, please contact:

City of Port Huron - Rental Certification Division
100 McMorran Boulevard
Port Huron, MI 48060
Phone: 810-984-2465
Fax: 810- 984-5384

For information regarding State of Michigan tenant rights, visit the following site: and search for Public Act 348 of 1972.