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When can I put my trash out for pick-up?

  • Place properly prepared trash, recyclables and compost material to the curb on your pick-up day before 7:00 a.m. You may place these materials to the curb as early as 4:00 p.m. on the day before your scheduled pick-up
  • Current map of refuse pick-up schedule

Which day will my trash be picked up?

  • Trash is picked up in the City of Port Huron four days a week: Monday thru Thursday. 
  • Monday: Northern City limits south to I-94 west of Pine Grove Avenue and both sides of Hancock Street east of Pine Grove Avenue.
  • Tuesday: I-94 and south of Hancock Street east of Pine Grove Avenue. The south border is now both sides of Lapeer Avenue.
  • Wednesday: South of Lapeer Avenue to both sides of Oak Street
  • Thursday: South of Oak Street to southern City limits

Is recycling available?

  • Recycling collection takes place every other week on the same day as the refuse collection. The service provides for the recycling of paper, metal, plastic, and glass.  Place recycling bin on boulevard with a three (3) foot separation from refuse and yard waste.
  • Recycling bins may be picked up from the 3rd floor of the MOC building.
  • Rules for recyclable materials

What can I do with yard waste?

  • Beginning the first full week of April, on your regular trash pickup day, the City of Port Huron, through it's contractor, will again begin picking up residential yard waste material for delivery to a compost site
  • Yard waste materials that will be picked up include leaves, grass and garden debris. Also included is shrubbery, brush and tree trimmings less than four (4) feet in length and two (2) inches in diameter
  • Yard waste pickup ends for the season on your regular trash pickup date, the last week of November
  • See the Yard Waste page for complete details of the program

What can I do with large branches and brush?

What happens with leaves in the fall?

  • The regular fall leaf pickup program will begin in late-October and run through December per a schedule you will receive in the mail
  • Rake your leaves to the area between the curb and the sidewalk by no later than 7 a.m. on your scheduled pickup date. DO NOT rake leaves into the street!
  • There is no leaf burning within the City of Port Huron
  • Read this most recent leave pickup brochure

What about bulky items

  • Bulky items such as stoves, washers, refrigerators and furniture will now be collected on your regular collection day. Place the items at the curb with your refuse. Refrigerators need not have the freon removed, but are required to have all doors removed before setting on the boulevard for pickup, Marcotte Disposal will provide the removal service

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

  • Any questions regarding acceptable materials or set out procedures may be directed to Marcotte Disposal offices at 810-985-9818 or for further assistance, the City's Department of Public Works at 810-984-9730 or cphdpw@porthuron.org

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