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In June 2013, the City hosted a Housing Summit to explore options to help stabilize our neighborhoods.  Input was received from many residents, businesses, neighborhood groups and associations that suggested we combat the increase in blighted properties. In November 2013, the Code Enforcement Unit (CEU), was formed to address these issues. 

The CEU is supervised by Lt. Joel Wood and consists of one full-time inspector (Cindi McPherson), four part-time inspectors (Pat Cogley, Chuck May, Chris Petersen and George Sheridan) and one full-time secretary (Trudy Louis) who is also responsible for entering complaints for all City departments (previously handled by the Bureau of Information and Complaint (BPIC).  In 2013, the City received 2,170 BPIC calls for assistance with 1,627 of those calls pertaining to blight. In 2012, 2,267 calls were received pertaining to blight complaints.

By ordinance, the CEU is responsible for enforcing City codes pertaining to: open storage of junk/debris, vehicles or building materials; upholstered furniture, auto parts in yard/porch; exterior of structures in disrepair; and landscaping not maintained (grass in excess of 8”, shrubs not trimmed at front entrance, driveway, or street). Ordinances were fine-tuned to provide clear guidelines for violations and an Administrative Hearings Bureau was created to reduce the time from initial notification of a violation to judicial action. In most instances, violations are handled as a “Fix-It Ticket” with the violator given a specific period of time to fix or remove a violation.  If the violation is corrected within the time given, the ticket is dismissed; if it is not, the matter proceeds to an Administrative Hearing where additional fines and sanctions can be imposed by the Administrative Hearing Officer. In 2013, 1,964 violations were investigated. 

With more Inspectors we can now proactively identify potential violations as well as answer complaints received.  Inspectors are in the neighborhoods talking with residents to resolve issues to meet our #1 goal which is COMPLIANCE.

Port Huron Code Enforcement Unit
Planning and Community Development Dept.
100 McMorran Boulevard
3rd Floor
Port Huron, MI 48060
Phone: 810-984-9797
Fax: 810-982-0179

Hours of Operation : 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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